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Bring the group in a charter bus to Brooklyn Museum to see Egyptian artifacts, American Art & masterpieces based on Feminist movement and more

The Second Largest Museum in New York, Brooklyn Museum

May 12, 2014

With the large number of attractions located in the many different neighborhoods of New York, traveling to New York City in your charter bus for a holiday is never boring. One of the most visited neighborhood in New York is Brooklyn, the “Borough of Homes and Churches”. Of course, that is not all there is in this neighborhood.

There are many museums, art districts and even a sports area in this borough, but should you be planning a trip to Brooklyn in your charter bus, you should take some time to head to the second largest museum in New York located in Brooklyn; the Brooklyn Museum.

Collections at the Museum

With a space of 560,000 square feet, the Brooklyn Museum houses more than 1.5 million art works. Here are some of the collections rental bus visitors can check out at the museum:

  • Egyptian, Classical, and Ancient Near Eastern Art
    Since early 20th century, the museum has been building a growing collection of Egyptian artifacts. Some are obtained by purchasing from others, while some artifacts were found via archeological excavations. Some artifacts of note coach bus visitors should not miss are like "Bird Lady" terracotta figure, as well as long term exhibits like
  • Egypt Reborn: Art for Eternity, as well as in the Martha A. and Robert S. Rubin Galleries.
  • American Art
    Works from the American Art collection can be found in various areas of the museum, including in the Steinberg Family Sculpture Garden and in the exhibit, American Identities: A New Look.
  • Arts of Africa
    Shortly after the founding of the museum, the African art collection was started, with the oldest acquisition in 1900. With more than 5,000 items in its collection, coach bus visitors can view one of the largest collections of African art in any American art museum.
  • Arts of the Pacific Islands
    If you want to see art made from many different types of materials, then don’t miss out visiting this collection of art objects crafted from materials such as coconut fiber, feathers, shells, clay, bone, human hair, wood, moss, and spider webs.
  • Arts of the Islamic World
    Rental bus visitors can view art objects and historical texts produced by Muslim artists or about Muslim figures and cultures in this collection.
  • Elizabeth A. Sackler Center for Feminist Art
    This collection is dedicated to preserving the history of the feminist movement since the late 20th century. It features a gallery housing a masterwork by Judy Chicago, a large installation called The Dinner Party, as well as an exhibition space and library.
  • European Art
    Late Gothic and Early Italian Renaissance paintings by famous artists can be found in this collection.

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