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Mar 4, 2013 - Nouvelle cuisine in New York City

Regardless of where you went around in New York city, whether you are hunting around for a good dining experience in a rented charter bus or moving around in a car rental vehicle, one can never run out of ideas and options for cafes and restaurants. New York city, as we all know it, is a mecca of cuisine and luxurious diners. Just hit one of the local food vans or a casual hotdog stands....the portion is huge, price is just right and everything is just extra special. Some of New York’s city has been given awards and accolades from the likes of Forbes Travel Guide, Michelin plaudits and The New York Times (of course).

For one, there is Jean Georges, where Asia meets America. Forbes called the restaurant Grade-A sexy and also minimalist. It is hard to use both these descriptive words in one simple sentence and yet that is what the food critic said of this amazing continental restaurant - mainly because they have managed to bring you balance in the form of food, ambiance and customer service.

To get the Michelin star is a very big deal and foodies know that when a restaurant like Eleven Madison Park gets one, the food has to be extra special and extraordinary. New York city charter bus rental customers will find a great number on offer on their French mix American dishes. The owners keeps, once again, the restaurant and menu as simple as they possibly can so that customers can focus on the food and drinks. Even the most fickle of customers will find something that they want to eat on the menu. The servers brings you cards with a table list of basic ingredients and together with the customers, the servers makes useful suggestions and give customers some ideas about how they want the dish to be. The experience is like having a chef custom-make the dish for every one of their customers.

New York charter bus foodie travelers who are into seafood will find Le Bernardin much more to their liking. This famous restaurant have earned not just stars from Forbes but also stars from Michelin too. Food reviewers have many wonderful songs to sing about their experience eating at the restaurant and some chimed in that the food is of the very highest order. And rightly so.

The thing with eating at these fine dining tourist hotspots is that one should expect to pay the price for the extra attention to details and customer service. The food isn’t some of the cheapest you could find in downtown Manhattan area but for special occassions, what is a little bit of splurging? Nothing. Everyone deserves a little bit of pampering once in a while, we always say.

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