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Oct 12, 2012 - New York New York...Larger Than Life

Songs have been song, movies made, films and shows have made their runs and yet, there are many angles to looking at New York city. Some look at it as far as Wall Street Journal can report. Others look at it from the Broadway angle while others perceive New York city as the city that never sleeps. It is the center of art, culture, media, attractions, money, business...basically, we can quite safely say...everything. Frankly, we would strongly urge people who are visiting New York city to spend more than two weeks here if they wanted to see, explore, eat, experience and learn as much as possible about the people and the city that never sleeps. While it is not possible to see and do everything there is to do even with a party bus, charter bus, coach charter or mini bus, it is quite possible to make the most out of your time here by narrowing down some must-sees and must-dos.

When one gets a chance to visit New York city, ask the charter bus, party bus, coach bus or mini bus driver to bring your group to the Empire State Building which is an absolute MUST! In fact, in bus rentals, New York tourists often make their way to Empire State on the very first day that they are there because right at the observation deck, you will get a 360 degree view of everything as far as the eye can see. The view spectacular whether it is night or day.

Nothing beats the bright lights of Times Square. Everything comes alive and you just can't help but get absorbed with the sensational feeling which completely overtakes all of your senses...all at once. So much so that you may have to take a breather in the party bus, charter bus or coach bus after your visit. For those who think that Times Square is overwhelming, they should head over to Central Park thereafter for some real R & R. Central Park offer beautiful lakes, a zoo, ice-skating rink, carousel and endless trails.

Don't think we missed out on Statue of Liberty because to many bus rental New York vacation-goers, sometimes they find themselves going back for more pictures with Lady Liberty.

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