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Sep 26, 2013 - Never a Dull Moment at Museum Hack

Having friends coming to visit you soon and you are wondering where to take them to visit in New York? Why not arrange to bring them to the Museum Hack in a New York rental bus? Before you gasp for air thinking that we have just given you a terrible suggestion, you may want to read on a little about Museum Hack first. After that, you can decide if it would be a good idea to bring your friends there or not.

While we do know that many people would not really want to bring their friends who are visiting from out of town to museums, we would like to point out that the Museum Hack is not your conventional type of museum that most people would (or would not) go. After all, not many people would see that going to a museum is a fun thing to do because it is always thought to be a rather boring and monotonous. This could be true for many museums, but not when you are at Museum Hack – because from the moment you step into the museum after having come down from the New York rented bus, you will immediately notice that the guides are different because they are a combination of nerdy and fun altogether. This is one place where you will not just walk in and walk out on your own.

The tour guides is Museum Hack is the main reason why it is so special – they make you laugh as you learn about the exhibits and there will never be one dull moment as they take you through the museum. They ensure that everyone enjoys the tour in the museum and they are very friendly too. In our opinion, their enthusiasm is definitely a ten out of ten. Whenever they stop at a certain exhibit, they don’t just describe the particular display, but they make it a point to tell you stories about it in detail – so much so that you would think that they were there witnessing the very event as it unfolds. They take the tours seriously that every tour is customized based on the audience that they are taking and they set a cap of having only 9 persons per group, hence the tour guides will be able to provide the tour according to the liking and preference of the visitors. This will definitely be one trip to a museum in a New York rental bus that will forever change your views on visiting museums.

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