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New York Travel Guide

Apr 6, 2013 - Lounging around in Long Island

Long Island of New York lies only merely one hundred and twenty miles from New York’s main downtown area of Manhattan...not a long way away when you are visiting in a New York rented charter bus vehicle like a charter bus, shuttle bus, passenger coach, mini bus, school bus or party bus. It is, in fact, too too far off from other New York boroughs like Brooklyn and Queens too. In between Long Island and the other named boroughs are small communities and cities that consists of various interesting, quaint and culturally rich places of interest. There are upscale beach towns, rich sprawling estates worth millions in worth and the sprawling farm lands in between is also inviting and charming in their very own way. But to many of our New York charter bus rental customers, there is a kind of charm that is almost completely unique to Long Island itself.

For those who are visiting with little kids, we reckoned that taking the rented New York charter bus to the Atlantis Marine World will be worth every second and cent spent on the charter bus trip. Atlantis is geared towards not just teaching the little ones about many different sea animals but also let them in on the underwater world where everything is a little bit more mysterious and curiosity inciting. From 10am till it closes at 5pm, kids from all walks of life will get to explore the indoor and outdoor exhibits extensively and carefully. Take your time to walk around the various exhibits like the indoor coral reefs which are simply astoundingly gorgeous, get up close and personal with the sharks at the Lost City of Atlantis Shark Exhibit and also let the children become awed with the sea lion coliseum, penguin pavilion and not forgetting the outdoor interactive hands-on activities at salt marsh and shark reef lagoon. The New York bus rentals charter stopover will leave a very deep and meaningful memory in the minds of the young ones.

In the meantime, the older kids might have a little bit more entertainment when you take the bus charter to Sagamore Hill National Historic Site on Sagamore Hill. The place will come alive when you tell that this very home, yes, the one that they visiting right then and there, used to be the home of a very important man who goes by the name Theodore Roosevelt and in this home, he stayed for nearly thirty five years before moving out. After touring the grounds and home, be sure to stop at the bookstore and gift shop to bring something home with you to remember the trip by.

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