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Jul 2, 2013 - Frick Collection, New York City

Art comes in many forms and types. Water colors, oil paints, recyclable materials, wood, and the list go on – all these can be used to create art pieces. It is up to each individual to appreciate the art works or art pieces that have been created. While not many can understand the motive behind of the art works or art pieces, one can still be amazed at the amount of work and passion put into them. And if you happen to be planning a trip to New York in a rented bus, why not stop by and take a look at the Frick Collection, located on 1 E. 70th St., Fifth Ave., New York City for a time of “appreciating” beautiful and unique art pieces.

Frick Collection is not just some kind of art museum or art gallery – it is actually an intricately beautiful mansion that belonged to Mr Henry Clay Frick and is considered to be one of New York City’s best and well kept cultural gem. For many New York bus rental passengers, this fine mansion that houses many of the art collection of Mr Frick himself is a place not to be missed. We won’t be exaggerating if we say that this is a “must see” place whenever you are in New York City, especially so if it is your first visit here.

New York City rented bus passengers will feel more than welcome when they arrive on the grounds of the Frick Collection, as they will have the opportunity to see for themselves the lifestyle of an American multimillionaire of an industrialist who lived in the late 1800s till the early 1900s. Mr Henry Clay Frick died in the year 1919. Having been a home to Mr Frick himself, you will feel a certain intimacy of “just like home” when you enter into the museum – unlike the other art museums nearby, which one may feel less “homely”.

The home of Mr Frick was completed in 1914 and even though he only managed to enjoy the comfort of his own home as well as his collections for only five years, it was then opened to the enjoyment of the public for many years and years to come. Right next to the museum is the Frick Art Reference Library. It was founded by his daughter, Helen Clay Frick as a memorial to him in 1920 and presently, it is one of the main institutions for research in art history and collection. We would suggest to those who wish to rent a New York bus to take advantage of the museum’s offer on Sunday mornings – “Pay What You Wish”, but then, their admission fee isn’t too expensive either. The only downside would be that photography is not allowed in the museum.

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